Tauko-magazine Nro 5.

26,00  / kpl

Sewing, Climate, Culture, Community

Upea ompelun uutuuslehti!




­Lehdessä on artikkeleitä ja kolumneja sekä ompeluohjeet ja kaavat 10 eri mallin tekemiseen. Lehti on englanninkielinen.

TAUKO Magazine No. 5 is all about soft and comfy wool! The issue features essays of local wool production in Europe and portraits textile artists working with indigenous sheep herds in Denmark and the US. It features 10 sewing patterns by independent designers inspired by the shared history of humans and sheep. Making use of soft jerseys, wool, padded cotton and linen the sweaters, coats, trousers and dresses come with many variations for differently skilled sewists.. All patterns come in 9 sizes from bust width 31” / 78cm to 57.5” / 146cm.